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Creations in Wood

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   Intarsia is a woodworking technique that uses varied shapes, sizes, and species of wood fit together to create a mosaic-like picture with an illusion of depth. Intarsia is created through the selection of different types of wood, using their natural grain pattern and color (but can involve the use of stains and dyes) to create variations in the pattern.

    After selecting the specific woods to be used within the pattern, each piece is then individually cut, shaped, and finished. Sometimes areas of the pattern are raised to create more depth. Once the individual pieces are complete, they are fitted together like a jig-saw puzzle and glued to wood backing which is sometimes cut to the outline shape of the image.

    At Lee’s Wood Artistry, The artist strives to obtain the most realism possible in his creations. Using Dyes or Stains only where it is absolutely needed to enhance the natural beauty of the wood, and meet the goal of realism in the piece.   

   If you have a subject in mind for your own Intarsia piece, and don’t see it here, please contact me and give me an opportunity to fulfill your vision.

oakleaf door topper
~~All of the patterns that I build are purchased from the original designer, and credit is given on the back of each project. My thanks to all of the wonderful artists that design these beautiful pieces of art.~~